NEW WEBSITE - The International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP) has set up a new website - - which includes a petition to end frozen pensions.  After you have signed the petition, you can also write to the U.K. Prime Minister or, if resident in the U.K., you can write to your MP.  If you are a Facebook user, click here to enter Facebook to 'like' and 'share' our Facebook page, if you are not a Facebook user you will not be able to enter the page.

U.K. VISIT - At the end of October, five Directors of ICBP, two from Canada, two from Australia and one from the Caribbean, will be travelling to the U.K. to meet with MPs and the media.  The big difference from last year is that we will be taking with us a frozen pensioner from Antigua, Monica Philip, one of the Windrush generation who answered the call to go and help with the British labour shortage in the 1960s.  After 38 years of working in the U.K., Monica returned to Antigua to look after her ailing mother and became a frozen pensioner.  Monica's sister remained in the U.K. and receives a full pension.  We intend to place the two sisters before British MPs and ask the MPs to tell them to their faces why they should be treated differently.  We will also be taking with us from Canada a decorated WW2 veteran who is also a frozen pensioner.  We hope to add to the group an ex-RAF serviceman who landed in Normandy on the second day of D-Day and later emigrated to Canada but has had to return to the U.K. as he could no longer afford to live in Canada on his frozen pension.


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